Bubble Ball Soccer Fundraising Events can help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals!

Are you looking for a new and creative ways to be able to raise funds for your school, church, or charity?
Take advantage of one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation. Let Knockerball PineHill help your cause with our fundraising efforts. There is no other Michigan fundraising option that brings as much fun and excitement to your event than Knockerball PineHill will!

Our fundraising options can generate a surprising level of funds with minimal effort on your part. We can bring the excitement to your fundraising event all you need is the people.  We have all of the necessary equipment to facilitate playing our bubble ball games (typically 10 players at a time).  We also manage the game play experience.
In just one hour, we can usually accommodate 10+ to 30+ players.  
Depending on the event that can translate to $50 to $150 an hour in funds generated for your fundraising event!  (For most fundraising events, we charge the same as for our 5v5 Individual Game Play rates.)
Our Fundraising Packages Include:
Usage of our Bubble Ball Soccer Fields
2) Soccer Goals & 4 Soccer Ball
Supervisory Staff
1 Hour Game Time
Soccer Game Includes: Two 20 Minute Halves, 5 Minute Half-time, and Three 2 minute Time-Outs per team.
Other bubble ball games with different time intervals
To get more details on how Knockerball PineHill can aid with your fundraising efforts, give us a call at 1-810-640-5028.