Meet The Trainer

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Meet The Trainer

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Name: Joshua Moura
Coaching experience: 12+ years

Coaching philosophy: My goal as a coach is not only to build up great soccer players, but mainly to inspire children at a young age to be confident in themselves, this requires self finding. As a coach I strive to educate them in becoming skilled in the sport but I also encourage to use their imagination and find something new they haven’t tried before and once they achieve this self awareness, you will have a successful individual not just as a soccer player but also in any other sport or activity in life.

Past Experience:
I played in Portugal where I was born and raised, for various clubs at a young age. Made my first debut at the age of 13 for SL Benfica academy where I played for 2 years becoming league champions and wining the world junior cup.

I returned at the age of 19 to obtain Manager / coaching experience as an Assistant Manager / Coach in the Portuguese league with the U15 A squad.

At the age of 16 I moved with my family to Maidstone UK where I played at various levels for different Soccer Clubs which after gaining some recognition signed up for the Youth Training Program at Chelsea Football (Soccer) Club. Made it into the academy 1 year later. After 3 years as a captain for Chelsea FC I was assigned as head Manager / Coach for the U15 squad.

After relocating to the USA I coached recreational soccer for BASA in Bay City MI and moved on to coaching the U11 BASA Renegades travel team becoming league champions in the first year, 2 consecutive years after that.

Coached both the Girls JV & Varsity soccer teams from 2015-2017 at John Glenn High School.

If You’re looking for dedicated training with proven results book a session with us today!


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