We are now forming our Spring
3 vs. 3 Bubble Ball Soccer Leagues.

Play on a 45′ x 75′ finely groomed outdoor Bubble Ball Soccer Field that can accommodate 6 teams playing at the same time. 

League Teams
Minimum 3 Players per Team, Maximum 6 Players per Team

Your Choice of Game Play:
Thursday (Evenings)
Friday (Evenings)
Saturday (Mornings, Afternoon, or Evening)
Sunday (Mornings or Afternoon)

Time Frame:
6 Games over 6 Weeks

League Includes:
6) One Hour Games – Including: 2) 20 Minute Halves, 5 Minute Half-time & up to 3) 2 Minute Time Outs per team
3) Bubble Balls per Team  (Teams should have 4-6 Players)
Goals: 6′ x 4′
Soccer Ball
Referee Supervisory Staff

Team Registration
$ 270.00

If you do not have a team, we can help you form a team.  ($90.00 for a individual player to be placed on a team.)

Winning Team is Determined by a point system:
3 Points to the Winning Team (More goals scored than the opposition)
1 Point for a Tie (Each team get a point)
0 Points for a Loss (Less goals scored than the opposition)

The teams with the most points, per League Classification, are the Champions


Call us today at 1-810-640-5028 to register your team.