About Bubble Soccer Ball

:What is Bubble Ball Soccer?
Bubble Ball Soccer is a game played where the player is encapsuled in a single-chamber, inflatable sphere with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. They range from 1.2 to 1.5 meters, and the size/fit is predicted by your height. Bubble Balls can be used in a solo setting to perfect your rolls, flips, and wheels. Avid bubble ball players descried the sensation as almost gravity-defying. With two or more players, this experience is catapulted into rip-roaring laughter, exhilarating knocks & rolls that will keep you coming back for more. Just imagine the sensation and mobility that a bubble ball allows you to experience… without putting any stress on the body!

Bubble Ball play is recommended for ages 7 and up. The combination of height, weight and the strength of each person can contribute to how comfortable one feels playing. Height is the bigger factor.

PineHill Activity Center – Bubble Ball Soccer
Bubble Ball Soccer – or “bubble soccer”. This is a fun new game that could be played by all ages. Bubble Ball Soccer is played similar to a classic soccer game and on the same type of field, but it is played with the player surround within a inflatable bubble ball. Bubble Ball Soccer is played between two teams of players challenge each other and can be played in a 3-on-3, 4-on-4, or 5-on-5 game formats.

There is No goalkeeper, No off-sides, just score as many goals as you can while steamrolling the competition.

Bubble Ball Soccer is truly a blast, but we must warn you that organized games generally break down into literal knock down chaos, with the only resulting pain being from laughing so hard and having too much fun. (Our League teams are played in a 3-on-3 format.)

Bubble Ball Soccer Rules of Conduct & Play
We at Pine Hill Activity Center, the emphasis is on having fun in a light-hearted social atmosphere where you can develop your skills as well as create new relationships while strengthening old relationships.

Competitiveness is a natural part of sports and is not discouraged. With that said the “win at all costs” mentality has no place on the field.

Remember others taking the field with you may not be as experienced and could use the encouragement.

The Bubble Ball Soccer rules are quite simple and are intended to allow your organization to play and keep players and equipment safe.

Objective: The team that scores the most goals – Wins.

Scoring: A Player scores a goal by kicking the ball into the net.

3 Bubble Ball Players per team + 2 or 3 substitute players. (League Teams_
(Different size teams are allowed during our Open Play Sessions.)

·Substitutions can be made during a team time out or at half-time.
· There are no goal keepers

Length of Game:
1 Hour – consisting of 2) 20 minute halves
 5 minute half-time
Each team can have up to 3) 2 minute time-outs
 Time is not stopped for out of bounds

Note: Only the Referee has the ability to stop the clock and will only do so for time-outs and medical injuries

· The playing field is an outdoor small soccer field
· The length of the field is marked by boundary lines

· 3) BubbleBalls for Players + up to 4) BubbleBalls for the Substitute Players
· Knee pads (optional – at this time, we don’t have any – so bring your own)
· 3) Soccer ball (1 for game play & 2 available for when the ball goes out of bounds)
· 2) 6 x 4 Soccer goals

·Footwear – In order to play in one of our Bubble Ball Activities the following is MANDATORY!

For Open Play – Every player must wear just tennis shoes or socks – No Cleats, No Sandals, No Flip-Flop, No Crocks, or Open-Toed Shoes.
League Players – Are required to wear tennis shoes.

(Not mandatory, but we also highly recommended the usage of Shin Guards and/or Knee Guards to help prevent you from getting injuries. A waiver must be signed if you elect to not wear shin guards and/or knee guards.)

·Game Time – 1 Hour – Including: 2) 20 Minute Halves, 1) 5 Minute Half-time, and 3) 2 Minute Time Outs / per team

·Game Starts or Stops – When the Referee blows the whistle all play should start or stop immediately

·Goalkeeper – There is not a designated goalkeeper. However, if you wish, it is acceptable for one of your players can stand in front of the goal.

·Substitutions – A player can be made substituted during the game at team time-outs or at half-time

·Kick-Offs – The ball will be placed at center field to begin. All Bubbleballers need to be at least 10 feet away from center but no more than 20 feet. Game starts as the Referee’s whistle is blown! This will happen every time a goal is scored.

·Throw-ins –When the ball goes out of bounds, throw-ins are actually kick-ins

·Off-Sides – Ya, we don’t follow this soccer rule. There are no off-sides

·Penalty Kicks/Free Kicks – the referee may award a free kick to a player that was on the wrong end of a foul. Meaning: if a player is playing in an overly aggressive manner or breaks any rules, then a penalty kick can be awarded to the opposing team.

· Players on the opposing team will have to give the kicker at least 15 feet of clear field.

·Yellow & Red Cards – Players may be giving a Yellow or Red card depending on the infraction. A yellow card means the player has a five minute time-out. A red card means that the player is done for the remainder to the game session.

·Balls in the Bubble Balls – Should a ball get stuck in a ball with a player, play will be paused immediately while the ball is recovered and the referee will perform a drop ball with one player from each team. Bubble Ballers can not hold and run with ball in their hands or bubble ball.

·Safety – You must remain in your BubbleBall when in the field area of any game play. If your BubbleBall gets punctured – please let the Referee know.

Fouls, Violations, Penalties
Fouls and warnings may be called for the following. The referee may elect to give a 2 minute penalty to a player, in which case they must sit out of the game.

Illegal Hitting:
· Player can not knock down player without ball
· No kicking or bumping into a player when they are down
· No preventing a Bubbleballer from getting up (No bumping a player when they are trying to stand back up)
· Don’t knock down someone who is not facing you
· No launching into anybody’s legs at any time

Illegal Tackling:
· No Tripping
· No Grabbing
· No kicking Players or equipment (Bubble Balls & Nets)

Illegal Scoring:
· Bubbleballers can not score with hands

Delay of Game:
· Holding of ball

Player Misconduct:
· No fighting
· No Use of Excessive Force
· No Profanity

BubbleBall Player Requirements
1. Signed Waivers: Bubble Ball Soccer is a play-at-your-own-risk activity and all players will be required to sign our Concussion Form and our Consent, Waiver & Full Release of Liability Waiver form before being allowed to play. If under 18 years old, it must be signed by a parent or guardian of the player.

2. Bubble Ball Soccer – League Games & Open Play Games:

All teams players should arrive a minimum of 20 minutes before their scheduled game time.
For every min a team is not ready to take the court a point will be given to the opposing team.

If the team can not take the field by the half the game will be considered a forfeit.

This is a social game, even though the game has been considered a forfeit there’s no reason to waste a half of game time. PLAY ON!

3. Players Responsibilities:
Players competing in bubble soccer games hosted by Pine Hill Activity Center are expected to read all rules contained herein. If there are any rules that you are unclear with, a player should discuss it with the referee before the start of the game. Because of time constraints referee’s will not discuss rules and/or rulings during the game. The referee will have the final say in any and all matters pertaining to that bubble soccer game.

Prepare to Play:
Have long hair tied up. (No hair barrettes, bobby pins, or belts.)

No sunglasses or eyeglasses unless worn with sports goggles and a head strap

All jewelry must be removed – necklaces, watches, rings, earrings, or other sharp objects cannot be worn in the Bubbleballs.
(You will be held responsible for the repair cost, if the Bubbleball is damaged.)

Empty your pockets.

Wear loose and comfortable sports clothing, preferably no zippers. Shirts with sleeves must be worn, no tank-tops.

For Open Play – Every player must wear just tennis shoes or socks – No Cleats, No Sandals, No Flip-Flop, No Crocks, or Open-Toed Shoes.
League Players – Are required to wear tennis shoes.

(Not manditory, but we also highly recommended the usage of Shin Guards and/or Knee Guards to help prevent you from getting injuries. A waiver must be signed if you elect to not wear shin guards and/or knee guards.)

Knee pads are highly recommended

We will not be responsible of lost items, so please DO NOT wear jewelry to the game.

If a player is found to have caused intentional damage to their or the other players bubble ball,
you will be held responsible for the damages to that bubble ball.

4. Player Conduct:
Players are expected to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful to themselves, other players and officials. Good sportsman like conduct is always expected. Any behavior deemed inappropriate by the referee will not be allowed. After a warning, a second offense will cause a player to be ejected from the game and their team will have to continue on a man down. This applies to off court conduct as well.

· Attendance – All Bubble Ball Soccer Players are expected to be game ready 10 min prior to their scheduled game time.

· Use of Excessive Force – It is forbidden to hit a player from behind or to aim to hit a player’s legs.

If a player is down to the ground trying to get up; this player must be on both feet before they can get bumped again.

It is also forbidden to fiercely hit a person who is not wearing a ball.

· No Profanity – Profanity is not accepted and after a warning a second offense will cause a player to be immediately ejected from game play. Keep it clean!

5. Injury:
The referee will stop play for any injury he deems it necessary. In the case of an injured player, it is the responsibility of the player or their teammates to inform the referee.

For a minor injury (cuts or scrapes) the player has 2 minutes time-out to get cleaned up and game ready or they will be substituted. At the end of the 2 minutes, game play will resume with or without the player or their substitution.

Bleeding players must leave the field immediately to tend their wound.

6. Referee Responsibility:
The referee is directly responsible for the bubble soccer game and that all rules are followed at all times. Referees are also responsible for the safety of the players, timing and conduct during the game. Referees are committed to remaining un-partial and unbiased as to foster a fun enjoyable atmosphere.

The Referee’s decision is final.
No objections!
Disciplinary Sanctions:
Most importantly this is a social game! Any overly rough play, abusive language, dickering or challenging the ref will not be tolerated. Judgment and penalty will be decided by the Referee and his/her decision is final.

In general, offenses will be handled by the first one receiving a warning and on the second offense the player will be asked to leave the field.

The Referee has the authority to remove anyone, from any game, for any reason including but not limited to reasons concerning player safety and/or effective game control.

If a violation to our policies are excessive, a player can be ejected from a game and evicted from Pine Hill Activity Center location. If such ejection or eviction occurs, there are –

Bubble Ball Soccer Rates

Small Game Play at Our Location

Minimum 4 Players
(Game times must be reserved/scheduled to play, this allows for proper staffing and preparation time.)

1) Hour Game Time
Including: 2) 20 Minute Halves, Half-time & 3) Time Outs per team
Referee Supervisory Staff

$   30.00/Player (Minimum 4 Players)



League Game Play (Our Location)

3 vs. 3 Bubble Ball Soccer League
(Teams should have 4-6 Players)

6 Games over 6 Weeks

Team Registration $ 180.00

If you do not have a team, we can help you form a team.  ($60.00 for a player to be placed on a team.)




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