In order to play in one of our Bubble Ball Activities the following is MANDATORY!

All players can either play in their socks or with shoes that tie.
(No Bare Feet, No Sandals, No Flip-Flops, No Crocks, or Open-Toed Shoes allowed!)

If you don’t have the correct shoes or socks, we have socks available to purchase.
(For safety issues, if a player is playing in socks then all players MUST play in their socks.)  

For Sale:
White Padded Socks  –  $2.00
Colored Padded Socks  –  $3.00

The following are not mandatory, but we also highly recommended the usage of shin guards and knee guards to help prevent you from getting hurt.

If you don’t have your own, we have them available for rent.

Shin Guards –  $2.50
Knee Guards – $2.50