Abs and Booty Blaster Class

Give your beach body a kick start and get into shape with this 1 hour combination of cardio and core workouts.

We will use Glute and abdominal exercises while having fun with upbeat music.

This course will leave you feeling energized, refreshed and will motivate you!

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This 6 week course is the perfect solution to toning and strengthening your body mentally and physically.

We will utilize the walking trail to maximize core and cardio workouts.

Bring yourself and water bottle and enjoy an hour with our instructor Lacey Barcalow.

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Belly Dance Technique 101

This class is for those who have never taken belly dance or would like to brush up on technique. 

It will be a relaxed pace class that allows more time for technique and background discussion. 

The class is designed as an introduction to belly dance that covers some general topics and cabaret style belly dance movement.  

Great for first-time dancers or those who prefer not to perform.

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Pilates Mat Fitness 101

This class is for those who have little to no experience with Pilates or would like to re-start a Pilates regimen.

It will include a warm-up, beginner Pilates steps requiring the use of an exercise mat, and stretching/cool down.

This class will utilize the concept of quality over quantity.

We start out with 5 reps of each exercise and work up to 10 reps of each over the course of the session to build stamina.

Some of the ending stretches are similar to yoga, so you may recognize some of them! 

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Early Registration Discount