BubbleBall Games 

 Bubbleball Soccer – or “bubble soccer”.  This is a fun new game that could be played by all ages.  Bubbleball Soccer is played similar to a classic soccer game and on the same type of field, but it is played with the player surrounded within a inflatable bubble ball. Bubbleball Soccer is played between two teams of players that challenge each other and can be played in a 3-on-3, 4-on-4, or 5-on-5 game formats. 

There is No goalkeeper, No off-sides, just score as many goals as you can while steamrolling the competition. 

Bubbleball is truly a blast, but we must warn you that organized games generally break down into literal knock down chaos, with the only resulting pain being from laughing so hard and having too much fun.  (Our League teams must be played in a 5-on-5 format.)
3-Way Bubble Soccer – Add an extra team and goal (triangular field arrangement) to a standard bubble soccer game and watch the mayhem begin! Start with a single ball for the 3 teams, then add a second ball later in the game to multiply the craziness tenfold!
Sumo Smash – A straight forward game where 2 players enter a ring wearing their Bubbleballs.  Players have to try to force their opponent out of the ring to win.  Play continues until any foot crosses the line.

Royal Rumble – Similar to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), knock your opponents out of the ring to win the crown title.  Players enter the ring in intervals of 15 – 30 seconds, and fight to be the last person standing. 

King (or Queen) of the Field/Ring / Last Bubble Ball Standing – Can be played either as teams or as individuals (last person standing). This is a free for all, every man, women, and child for themselves.  Everyone starts inside of a circle and the players try to avoid being knocked to the ground by opponents. Once any part of the bubble suit touches the ground, the player is “out”.  Smaller players can consider using alliances early in the game to get larger/stronger players out of the game.  The goal is to be the last player standing. 

Gladiator – Teams square off and attempt to knock over everyone on the other team.  Points are scored based on how many are still standing at the end of each round.

Sharks & Minnows – One person is designated the “shark” and everyone else “minnows”.  The minnows attempt to cross the field without getting knocked over.  If they get knocked over they join the shark next round.

Bull in the Ring  This is a variation of a Football drill classic.  Players form a large circle facing inwards.  One player begins in the center of the ring of players.   A “caller” is selected who knows the names of all the players.  The player in the center must try to remain standing as the caller randomly calls out names of players to charge toward player in the center in an attempt to knock them off their feet.  A good caller will select names of players to charge that are behind or outside the sight line of the player in the center, so as to catch them unaware. Once the player in the center is knocked down, they are replaced in the center of the ring by the person who knocked them down.

Bubbleball Football – End Zones like football.  There is no actual ball involved. One player from each team is the football.  You win by getting you team’s football teammate into the other team’s end zone while keeping the other’s team’s football out of your end zone..  There are no yardage requirements or first downs, just 4 downs and then switch Offense/Defense.

Capture the Flag – Two teams compete against one another to be king of the flag.  The mission is to capture the other team’s flag and return it to your side without getting knocked over.

Rolling Bubble Relay  A variation of the classic “wheelbarrow relay race”. Players form 2 or more groups who will race, 2 at a time, to a finish line and back.  One of the players gets inside the bubble ball and is rolled sideways by the other player to the end line.  The players then swap places and roll back to the starting line, where the next 2 players on their team will take their place. This is done until until all players have participated.  The first team to have their final pair cross the finish line wins.  Prepare to get dizzy!

Somersault Race – Players line up at a starting line and do continuous forward somersaults in the bubble balls until they reach the finish line. As a game variation, you can add doing backwards somersaults in the balls back to the starting line.

Bubble Jousting – Two (or more) players line up across from each other with 25-30 feet between them.  On the count of 3, the players charge full speed at each other in an attempt to knock the other player down off their feet.

Bubble Ball Ninja Crawl  Line up balls and have teams of players attempt to crawl across the top of the balls in a race to the finish.  Much more difficult than it sounds!

Zombie Bubble – 8 to 10 players minimum.  More players, more fun.  One player is the “Zombie” who starts in the center of field the remaining players, Freedom Fighters, line up on one side.  The objective of a Freedom Fighter is to be the last person who does not get infected and make it to the safety zone.

Each round consists of players running to the other side of the field without being infected (knocked down) by the zombie.  If the “Zombie” infects anyone then they also become a Zombie.  Then go to the middle with the other zombies. 

Rounds continue going back & forth across the field on the referees’ whistle until one winner is left standing! 

Bubble Baseballl – This is a fun variation of kickball.  Everyone wears a bubbleball, except for the pitcher.  The offensive player kicks and run around the bases. The defending team player must first touch the kicked ball before they can move, then they must try to knock down base runner before they get to each base.

Bubble Dodgeball – Players kick a ball towards the other players and if they are hit, they are out. Can be team vs team or “last bubble standing”.

Bubble Bowling – One person puts on a bubble ball and another person rolls the ball into the human pins to knock them down.

Roller Relay – A team of two players work together, one player is in the ball while the other player rolls the ball across a finish line on the opposite end of a playing field.

V.I.P – (Very Important Person) – Two teams.  Starts at midfield, one player from the first team is selected to be V.I.P. and the rests of the team acts as bodyguards protecting him to the other side of the field.  The goal of team two is to trying to knock down the V.I.P.  If team one’s VIP crosses the field safely, they get a point.  If not, then team two gets 1 point. Rounds are around 5 minutes.

Bubbleball Red Rover – A line of 2 teams face each other and taking turns knocking each other out (or down), getting that player to then join their team.  Winner:  Last team standing.