Lacey Barcalow

Certified Food, Health and Nutrition Specialist

Lacey earned her Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing.Lacey quit her full time job to work from home and raise her child.

Lacey is a new mom and is able to demonstrate her balance of living a healthy lifestyle and motherhood.

Lacey loves the challenge of taking care of her baby and helping others get back in shape.

Lacey has battled food issues for several years until she discovered the Paleo diet.

Lacey stuck to the diet closely and developed a better relationship with food, and felt great overall.

Lacey lost weight and gained much needed confidence.

After developing a clean eating lifestyle, Lacey started running and including fitness into her daily regimen.

Lacey fell in love with running, eating clean and starting a new workout routine.

This made Lacey want to inspire others.

Lacey is now a Health and Fitness Coach and specializes in Post Partum Health, with an emphasis on clean eating lifestyle.

Lacey has helped women and men change their lives and loves meeting new clients.

If you are in need of a new lifestyle change and need coaching, come join us a PineHill Activity Center.

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